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Dr. Prophetess Pamela Mitchell Spencer was called by the Lord in the mid-90’s but did not answer her calling until 2004 when she was licensed & ordained as an Evangelist. She gave her initial sermon on 2006 at the church of the man that led her to Christ, the late Pastor Lewis Pringle. In 2007 she married, Harold R. Spencer, Jr., who she is the co-owner of Heavenly Tours with ( A christian transportation company). They currently reside in Landover, Maryland. They are faithful members of  the City of Praise Family Ministries formerly Jericho City of Praise founded by the late Bishop James Peebles, Sr. and the late Apostle Betty Poindexter Peebles; now being spiritually led by Bishop Joel R. Peebles,Sr. and Pastor Ylawnda Peebles.

She is a mighty prayer warrior and true intercessor with the gift of administration and discernment. In 2008 the Lord lead her to  start Heaven’s Helpers Ministry. In 2009 Heaven’s Helpers Ministry received their 501(c)3 non-profit status as an outreach ministry. Heaven’s Helpers Ministry now provides food to 5 local senior living communities & 5 ministries.

Prophetess Spencer is the author of the book “Living After Loss”, that she wrote after the death of her first husband in Feb 2000. In 2010 she taught her first class for Push International Ministries called “God’s Armor Bearer’” and was certified by CEO Space in July 2010 as a Certified Entrepreneur. In March 2011 was ordained as Prophetess by Push International Ministries. In 2014 she became one of the professors for the Spirit of Faith Empowerment Ministries & Bible College.  She will be teaching the Leadership and Non-Profit classes for the bible college.

In July 2012 Heaven’s Helpers Ministry partnered with HIS Food Ministry to be the main food distribution center for the DMV area for the monthly food program.  In May 2013 Heaven’s Helpers Ministry opened the Andrew & Gladys Young Food Pantry in Capital Heights, MD.  In 2014 she started her Sunday Praise & Worship services at the North Capital at Plymouth Senior’s building in Washington, DC which is now being held monthly at the Gateway Village Senior Building in Capital Heights, MD.

In August 2014, Prophetess Spencer received her honorary doctrine degrees in Pedagogy & Divinity from the Spirit of Faith Empowerment Ministries & Bible College.

Prophetess Spencer has been an entrepreneur since 2002 and became certified in entrepreneurship in 2010.  She current runs several companies:

Heaven’s Helpers Ministry – Overseer/Owner – 501(C)3 Non-Profit Outreach Ministry

ID Life – http://haroldspencer.idlife.com – Associate for natural health & nutrition

Viridian – Solar Solution – http://heavenshelpers.viridian.com  – Owner – online gift shop

MyEconhttp://heavenshelpers.myecon.net – Executive Vice President- Family Shield 360 Program

Heavenly Tourshttp://www.heavenlytours.us – which she is the co-owner with her husband.

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