About Us

About Us

Heaven’s Helpers Ministry (HHM) was founded in 2008 by Prophetess Pamela Spencer and her husband Deacon Harold R. Spencer, Jr. In 2009 HHM received 501(C)3 non-profit tax-exempt status and has been at the center of our local Prince Georges County community.

Prophetess Spencer has been an ordained/licensed minister since 2004. In August 2014, Prophetess Spencer received her honorary doctrine degrees in Pedagogy & Divinity from the Spirit of Faith Empowerment Ministries & Bible College. Prophetess Spencer has been helping families in her community by providing Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners and toys to needy families since 1995 from her personal finances.

The ministry provides food, some financial services, transportation and temporary shelter assistance when available to individuals and families throughout the program, as well as, education and financial training. We are currently acquiring grants to help us expand our services throughout the community. Our organization is a regular fixture for residents from all walks of life, at all stages of life. We host many different community activities during the week, as well as at weekends and evening prayer groups, and our door is always open.

Vision Statement

Heaven’s Helpers Ministry (HHM) is a ministry that God has ordained to support the community and help them to be self-sufficient and financially stable. Our vision is to provide support to individuals and families that are related to the personal issues that affect their daily lives. Providing food and help with finding financial/social services and temporary shelter.


Our mission is to help eliminate hunger and provide much needed social services for the elderly, disabled, disadvantaged, and needy families in the community. We provide theses services by working collectively with community organizations, while also providing resources for educational programming and services.

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